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We pride ourselves on giving our clients exceptional service.  Their peace of mind is our goal.   It means a lot to us that all our clients have been extremely impressed with the results we got them.  The quotes below are all from actual letters and emails, sent to us in 2012 by genuine clients of ours.  So what did real people, like you, say about Lynam Tax Enquiry Experts?

Referring accountant: Business taxpayer: employment status tax enquiry:
We have no hesitation in giving our high praise to Paul and recommending his work to anyone who requires a quick and favourable resolution to a Revenue inquiry. Our trust in him stems from the excellent feedback we received from a mutual client, whose case Paul handled." Amin Chatur, Alfred A Malnick & Co, Streatham, 13 December 2012

Personal taxpayers: offshore bank accounts and undeclared property - (Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility)
"Dear Paul, THANKS so very much for this great news! It has been such a long haul, but we have come through it. We are deeply grateful for all of your support throughout, your hand-holding, explaining and diligence - it has finally worked. This is just such good news to have before the end of this year - so, we can now put this behind us. With thanks again for letting us know today and for all that you have done. Much appreciated. Cheers."  Mr & Mrs V. Dundee, 7 December 2012

Individual taxpayer (Swiss bank account, Swiss Tax Agreement) "Dear Mr Lynam, I thank you very much for your professionalism and the excellent advice you have provided me with." E Vasilaki, Sheffield 26/11/2012

Top Business Coach: Negotiation Skills and Tax Expertise
Paul is a renowned expert in all forms of negotiation. He has taken his experience at Harvard and applied it in resolving the most difficult and supposedly intractable commercial negotiations. A brilliant communicator and a supreme tax professional, Paul has the rare gift of taking a complex and sometimes worrying subject and making it accessible and memorable.” Andy Powrie, London, AKT Productions, 18 October 2012

Corporate Tax Manager (Global Group): Business Tax Issues
“Paul helped provide a suitable strategy and advice on negotiating with HMRC which resulted in a successful outcome as part of our settlement arrangement.” Andy Walker, 18 October, 2012

ICAEW regional organiser: tax investigation knowledge
"Paul has exceptional tax investigation knowledge and impeccable lecture skills."  Vicky Nicholas, Regional Executive - East Midlands ICAEW, 17 October 2012 via LinkedIn

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Referring accountant: Offshore bank account, and buy to let landlord enquiry:
"Paul worked with me for a mutual client, he as the tax expert whilst I provided accounting services. Paul's earlier employment with HMRC ensures that he spoke with great tact and authority at meetings with them. We have since worked in our respective fields with another mutual client where his expertise was of great value to the client and myself. I have no hesitation in recommending Paul for his tax expertise. As importantly, he is a pleasure to work with." Michael Partridge, Market Harborough, 16 October 2012, via LinkedIn

Retail chain employer: PAYE penalties
"Dear Paul, After the imposition of a heavy fine by HMRC we were referred to your company by our accountant. You calmly examined and assessed the situation and went on to make a series of realistic recommendations. At no time did you give us false hope but instead helped us find the necessary information for appeal based on solid foundations and made representation on our behalf. Although the situation ran on for over a year, the final outcome was the withdrawal of the penalty. We are grateful for your expertise, the confidence you inspired and your professionalism. We would confidently recommend your services". J. Wilkinson, Perthshire 5 October 2012

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Accountant: Vat Compliance Check
"I called Paul with some concerns regarding a forthcoming vat compliance check. Paul was extremely helpful and his advice ensured my company emerged from the check with a clean bill of health, thanks Paul".  Mr M, Accountant, East Anglia 3 October 2012

I.T. Consultancy: Business Tax Voluntary Disclosure
"Gemma, Thanks very much for all of your help. The results are clearly fantastic and I really feel glad to close an ugly chapter. Furthermore, you provided probably the most professional service I have ever received". Mr Ashman, Switzerland, I.T. Consultant, 5 August 2012

Sole Trader: Business Tax Voluntary Disclosure
“Dear Paul, I was very nervous about how best to approach my voluntary disclosure, but your immediate grasp, expert knowledge, calm and thorough approach and attention to detail helped me enormously, and ensured that my disclosure was accepted by HMRC  without any further questions. It was a great benefit that you have had years of experience in this field. I highly recommend your services” Mrs. C. Anon, Media Worker, London, 28 June 2012

Referring Accountant: Various Business Tax Enquiries
"Paul's knowledge of tax enquiry work and experience in working with the Inland Revenue has resulted in excellent results on the assignments we have worked on together. I highly recommend his services."
Ian Chown, BCom, FCA, Smith, Hodge Baxter, Kettering, 27 February 2012

Undeclared Property Income: Voluntary Disclosure
"Hi Gemma, Thank you so much for your work in sorting out my tax affairs. In such a delicate and stressful situation, it was very important that I had someone with expert knowledge on my side to make sure the disclosure went smoothly and deal with queries with HMRC. You have help my lift the cloud over my head and allow me to get on with my life. I couldn't have asked for more." Mr H.H. Clapham, 21 January 2012

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Referring Accountant: (tax residence issue)
"Dear Paul, I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users. Paul listened carefully to my queries arising on business activities being considered by my client and quickly pointed out the key problem areas of taxation for my client to consider." Victor Hoad, Derby, 3 February 2012 R V Hoad & Co

Offshore Bank Account, (Tax Amnesty disclosure)
"Hi Gemma, When I first made an appointment to see you I was feeling very agitated about the whole back taxes issue, you immediately enabled me to calm down and cleared some of my worst imaginings. The whole process has only taken a little over a year with considerably less digging back than I anticipated. You even managed to reduce my original declaration under your forensic analysis. If I come across anyone in the same position I would not hesitate in commending them to use yourselves ASAP. With very many thanks. N."  Mr O. property developer, Surrey, 16 January 2012

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I am extremely pleased with the outcome which I could not have resolved without your help.  I was feeling isolated and did not know how to resolve the matter.  I would be very happy to recommend Lynam Tax to anyone in these stressful circumstances

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