Client Endorsements 2013 - 2014

We pride ourselves on giving our clients excellent professional service; and getting them the results they want and need.  For all our clients we sort out their tax affairs and save them tax, interest and penalties.  But mostly clients are delighted because we give them peace of mind: at a time of great worry and distress.   It is immensely satisfying that all our clients have been extremely impressed with the results we achieved.  The following statements are all from genuine letters and emails, sent to us in 2013 and 2014 by  actual clients of ours.  So what did real people, like you, say about Lynam Tax Enquiry Experts?

Personal Taxpayer:  business associate of a prosecuted taxpayer: Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility:  "Good morning Paul/ Gemma.  I am delighted that we have now concluded all historic personal matters with HMRC.  Needless to say the issues caused me concern but you were able deal with everything on my behalf and took a great deal of weight off my mind. Your efficient and prompt attendance is most appreciated. Very best wishes." Mr John B. Nottinghamshire, 16 December 2014

Personal tax/ financial services: Status Dispute Large Business Office: "Dear Paul, Thank you very much for your recent correspondence. Normally, when I receive such a long letter there is a good deal of  "padding", but not so in this case. The contents were to the point, well ordered and packed with comprehensive information, reading it has been one of those occasions that I feel I've had real value for professional advice.  Again thank you.  Peter." Peter C. Thailand, 21 November 2014

Chartered Accountant referral: Long running Tax Enquiry, Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility: “We have worked together with Lynam Tax Limited on a number of cases, more recently on a complex LDF case in relation to one of our clients.  Paul assisted us greatly though the process and was always available to discuss various issues as and when they arose, as well as being the liaison between us and the LDF team at HMRC". Gary Till BA FCA FCCA, partner Abbots & Co, Harrow, 10 October 2014

Chartered Accountant: Client with Tax Prosecution Dropped! "We worked with Paul for one of our clients who had been arrested by the Crime team of HMRC. Paul was meticulous with the information presented to HMRC. Having worked for HMRC on the “other side” was invaluable. Paul knew exactly what information was required and how to present it. The final report resulted in criminal charges being dropped. I would certainly recommend Paul for any HMRC investigations". Howard Matthews BA FCA, Howard Matthews Partnership, Harrogate 1 September 2014

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Personal Tax: Doctor with Offshore Bank Account: Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility: "Thanks Andrew.  I must say I was very impressed with the service provided. You were very reassuring, approachable, and always prompt in your response. All one needs at a time of crisis.    
Kind Regards
Mickey." Dr M.A. Kent, 15 August 2014

Solicitor (white collar crime specialist): Potential Tax Prosecution Dropped!  “We engaged Paul to help with the tax and accounting investigation issues of a business client who had been arrested by the Crime Team of HMRC’s Criminal Investigation unit. Paul carried out a detailed analysis of the business books and the proprietor’s private records. He also liaised with 3rd parties, and prepared information from which we were able to obtain witness statements. He produced a detailed report of his findings, which we were then able to serve on HMRC. As a direct result of these representations, HMRC dropped the criminal charges. In the circumstances, this was a remarkable result. The client of course, was both extremely relieved and happy with this outcome. I've worked with Paul on number of cases now, and can attest to his excellent technical knowledge, and his thorough understanding of HMRC’s mindset. I wouldn't hesitate to use Paul’s services again in any HMRC criminal investigations.  Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert" David Roy, Cartwright King, Birmingham, via linked in, 7 August 2014

Retired Taxpayer: Offshore bank account disclosureLiechtenstein Disclosure Facility"Hi Paul and Gemma, I wanted to say thank you for the very acceptable result which you achieved  for me in the settlement with HMRC. I must say I was feeling rather concerned when I first approached Lynam Tax as I was unsure what to expect, but I soon realised that I was dealing with very  efficient and professional people. Although my case was very complicated and long winded, I was pleased with the result you obtained for me in dealing with my LDF disclosure with HMRC. I would  not hesitate in recommending you to anyone  I know who may require your specialist services. Many thanks again. Kind regards". L.F. Kent 18 July 2014

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Personal Taxpayers: Offshore bank account disclosureLiechtenstein Disclosure Facility“Dear Gemma, we would like to thank you for your excellent service, which we truly appreciate.  Being both retired, I can tell you that the prospect of having to spend considerable time and effort, along with the additional stress in having to gather the required information was a worrying one.  Thankfully, we decided to opt for your services, which I'm grateful we did.  You managed to gather the information requested and made good the situation that had arisen.  Needless to say, we are extremely grateful that the matter has been finally resolved.  We are highly pleased with the professional manner in which your colleagues handled the matter.  You have definitely gained a new customer who will refer all our friends to your services.” Mr & Mrs C. Northwood, Middlesex, 1 July 2014

Personal Taxpayer: Offshore bank account disclosureLiechtenstein Disclosure Facility
"Hi Paul and Gemma, May I take this opportunity to express a very massive thank you to both yourselves for the excellent result you achieved in obtaining a settlement to my LDF disclosure with HMRC.  I know this was a very difficut case and without both of your professional knowledge could have probably resulted in a different outcome.  I will have no hesitation in recommending your services in future to any one I know with a tax problem.  Once again I am for ever grateful for your time, patience, and guidence throughout the whole process. ALL THE VERY BEST."
Mr John M. Dewsbury, Yorkshire, 16 June 2014

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Small Franchise Business: Employer Compliance Review: Employment Status Dispute:  "Throughout the lengthy process of the enquiry with HMRC Paul was a stickler for detail. It was most reassuring to have him with me at the face to face to meeting with HMRC. The eventual outcome was in my favour and I would recommend Paul to anyone in a similar situation". Jo M-W, Cambridgeshire, 5 June 2014

Small Business: HMRC debt issue:  "Hi Andrew, We would like to put on record how very pleased we are with your handling of our difficult situation. You dealt with things promptly at all times and always answered our questions and concerns in a professional and reassuring manner. We believe that if you hadn't been involved the matter would still be ongoing at a much greater cost to us in many respects. Thank you is an understatement. We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have been able to deal with someone so efficient, courteous and understanding." Chris and Alan B. Ilkeston, 15 May 2014

Expatriate Professional: Unprompted Disclosure : “Dear Gemma, It is great to hear from you and the news you send is absolutely excellent.  Nice piece of work on your part--thank you.  Thank you for helping me to get closure on this.  It has been wonderful to work with you (and by extension Paul of course)”. Seamus R. Canada, 9 April 2014

Accountant Referral: Business Tax Enquiries"Paul has successfully defended an HMRC enquiry for us, into whether two companies were associated for corporation tax purposes. Significant amounts of tax were at stake as the matter had been ongoing for a number of years, but Paul's investigative thoroughness showed clearly that the companies were not associated, and a potentially sizeable corporation tax liability was avoided. Both we and the client were of course very pleased with the outcome". David Rice, Director at David Rice Associates Ltd, (via LinkedIn), 1 April 2014

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Accountant Referral: Business Tax Enquiries:  "We have worked with Paul on a number of occasions and value his pragmatic but thorough approach to the issues. His knowledge of tax is excellent and he shares his technical advice willingly. I would recommend Paul to anyone with a difficult tax problem." Hilary Dowson, Coates & Partners chartered accountants, via LinkedIn, 25 February 2014

Accountant Referral: Personal Tax enquiry:  "A tax enquiry arose on one of our clients, where the Revenue were seeking to prove that a loss making business was not a trade and was not being run on a commercial basis. Significant amounts of tax were involved and we asked Paul to assist us with the technical arguments and to guide us in dealing with Revenue correspondence. With only one letter (albeit 11 pages long!) the Revenue conceded the case. Paul was highly professional in face-to-face meetings with the client and used his excellent technical knowledge well. He worked alongside us so that the client really felt like a "team" was helping him, rather than two separate advisors. I would not hesitate to recommend him to any accountants who feel like they may need support from an expert in tax investigations and enquiries." Jane Davies, Brockhurst Davies, chartered accountants, via LinkedIn, 25 February 2014

Specialist Investigations Contractual Disclosure Facility Code of Practice 9“I am very pleased that my accountants put me in touch with Paul for expert tax advice.  His advice, allied to his invaluable experience, was skilled, constructive and thoughtful. I would certainly recommend him.”  John, Company Director, London, 24 February 2014

Accountant Referral: Contractual Disclosure Facility Code of Practice 9, Specialist Investigations unit:  "We are a firm well known for the taxation work that we do. There are however cases requiring particular specialist advice. A client of this firm recently encountered a potential criminal prosecution case with HMRC, which we asked Paul Lynam to undertake for our client. The complex case was resolved extremely proficiently and our client was delighted with both the service and the outcome. Our client's best interests were served and he was genuinely thankful to us for placing him into such safe hands". Collin Franklin, partner, Franklin Underwood, Derby. 19 February 2014

Personal Taxpayers: Offshore bank account disclosure ,and undeclared income and gains: Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility:  “Dear Paul and Gemma, now that the process is finally over, I would like to thank you for the way in which you sorted out our rather complex tax problems.  Although, I pretty well understood what was needed, I had no idea how to proceed, and was feeling anxious.  You took control of the situation and made it happen.  I was particularly impressed by the way you kept us informed of everything that was happening throughout the process, and what you were planning to do.  At the end we had a clear and definitive result which ended the matter, and allowed us to move on.  I would have no hesitation in recommending your organisation to anybody in a similar position who wants their tax affairs to be handled swiftly and with real personal attention”.  Martin Lewis, Leeds, 29, January 2014

Personal taxpayers: Offshore bank accounts, under-declared business and rental property income - (Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility): "Dear Paul and Gemma, Due to your expertise and attention to detail we thank you very much for the successful outcome to our tax investigation: which we were both very stressed about when we first came to see you, but were  quickly put at ease by your professional manner.  If a close friend were in a similar situation we would definitely recommend you". Farhad and Aslam A. London, 6 November 2013

Personal taxpayer: Offshore bank account and undeclared rental property - (Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility): “Dear Paul and Gemma, Just a line to let you know how grateful I am you sorted out my tax affairs.  And for the way you both went about it in such a professional way and took all the stress and worry from me. You made me feel at ease each time I came to see you to see you to sort the matter out. And I would not hesitate to recommend Lynam Tax to anyone”.  Len W. Nottinghamshire, 8 September 2013

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Personal taxpayer: Buy to let rental income tax investigation: “Many thanks for resolving my tax investigation in a most satisfactory way.  I was terribly stressed about the situation when I came to you, and your immediate confidence in the outcome allowed me to think straight". Simon L., Surrey, 22 July 2013

Long running tax dispute with HMRC: (Construction Industry): "Paul recommended the wording of a letter on a case that had stuck with HMRC for a couple of years. The wording worked and they agreed our case and we are now expecting a refund. His specialist knowledge helped us resolve the case. Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert". Martin Toms (via LinkedIn) Tax Manager at AFP Services and Finance Director at That Mortgage Place, Northampton 22 July 2013

Business Tax Advice: (Owner Managed Business) : "Paul has worked with Evolve since 2011, his attention to detail and professionalism have given our company confidence and peace of mind whilst working with tax matters.  Initially engaged by our accounting partners Smith Cooper, as one of the best to deal with ongoing Tax matters, it is firmly of my belief that Paul Lynam is excellent and I would have no hesitation in recommending him." Steve Frixou (via LinkedIn), Director Evolve Co-Pack, Derbyshire, 8 July 2013

Accountant referral: Long running tax enquiry: (personal and business taxes):"We referred one of our clients to Paul for advice regarding a protracted HMRC enquiry. His experience and knowledge of HMRC workings ensured the enquiry was finalised without the necessity of taking matters to tribunal. Paul’s calm and professional manner helped the client during a very stressful time. We would recommend Paul to anyone experiencing a dispute with HMRC". Karen McKenzie MAAT, ACMA, partner, Coates & Partners, Chartered Accountants, Ashbourne. 19 June 2013

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Complex and disputed repayment claim (personal and business taxes): “Paul was recommended to me by my accountant to help with a fairly complex matter involving reclaim of various kinds of overpaid taxes from HMRC.  The whole thing was made very much more difficult by the different HMRC districts and bodies involved, exacerbated by internal reorganisation.  Paul’s help and leadership through this whole process has been invaluable.  I wouldn’t have received anything had it not been for his insight into the workings of HMRC, how to address them (very robustly at times) and when and how to follow up.  I recommend him unhesitatingly for anyone with anything other than a simple query of HMRC.” Paul B. Prestbury, Cheshire, 10 June 2013

Thwarted HMRC attempt to open a "closed" year using "discovery": “Paul provided a very clear assessment of the key technical issues which allowed us to be very robust in our responses to HMRC.  A great resource to be able to get a such a well-qualified second opinion” Gary Underwood, partner, Franklin Underwood accountants, Derby, 7 March 2013

Successful claim for non-UK residence (full time working abroad condition) : "Hi Paul/Gemma, I am writing to thank you so much for your success in my claim for repayment from HMRC which as you know was a substantial amount. Communication through mail or telephone with your company was superb and very relaxing during a very trying time. This victory has come at a crucial time regarding me approaching retirement age and is very welcome.  Once again thank you for all your help and I will certainly have no hesitancy recommending your good company to anyone who requires your expertise in this field. Best wishes and regards." Bill Graham, Devon, 3 March 2013

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