Gemma Lynam FCA FCCA

Gemma is a dual qualified Chartered Accountant and Certified Chartered Accountant, with over 23 years' professional experience.  She is a highly experienced forensic accountant and tax adviser.

Gemma started her professional training at a small practice in Birmingham before moving to KPMG (one of the world-leading "Big 4" accountancy firms).  She gained enormous experience in her 10 years there: firstly specialising in Corporate Tax; then 4 years in Tax Investigations; and finally 3 years as a specialist Forensic Accountant, working across the UK.  She co-founded Lynam Tax Enquiry Experts in 2008.

Gemma specialises in: using her forensic accountant skills to uncover information to support clients’ positions; project-managing long running and complex tax enquiry and disclosure cases to speedier and more cost-efficient outcomes; detailed analysis and presentation of financial transactions; and explaining accountancy issues to HMRC.

Gemma is both a Fellow (i.e. senior member) of the ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants for England and Wales) - the largest accountancy body in the UK, and is also a Fellow of the ACCA (Association of Certified Chartered Accountants) - the largest accountancy body in the world. She a Consultant to the ICAEW's Tax Faculty referral scheme for members; specialising in: Offshore Disclosure Facilities.

Gemma has vast experience handling:  HMRC Code of Practice 9 ("HMRC investigations where we suspect tax fraud")Contractual Disclosure Facility; Fraud Investigation Service investigations - as well as extensive practical successes in handling Offshore Tax Amnesty cases.  For example, she  managed a significant percentage of all the cases handled by HMRC under the Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility, as well as a considerable number of clients who were investigated by HMRC in relation to Swiss, Indian, Isle of Man, and Jersey bank accounts.  She has helped scores of clients with the Worldwide Disclosure Facility.

Clients value: Gemma's excellent client care; clear communication; attention to detail; and her friendly and sympathetic approach - for which she frequently receives high commendations and thanks.

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Both Paul and Gemma were so knowledgable and very professional but so very considerate and helpful to me. They really put my mind at rest and sorted out my tax affairs so quickly. I totally recommend them: 100%!" Mr Bhatt, Colindale, London

Mr Bhatt, 05 February 2018.

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