Guernsey Disclosure Facility

The UK taxman is being given details of all Guernsey bank accounts (and many other assets managed in the Channel Island); following a series of landmark agreements with former so-called "tax havens”, effectively ending offshore banking secrecy and offshore tax evasion.

The Guernsey Disclosure Facility (a special "tax amnesty" for UK residents who had bank accounts or other financial assets in the Channel Island) closed for new registrations on 31 December 2015.  It was replaced by the Worldwide Disclosure Facility: which is sill available for anyone with historic tax probems connected to non-UK based assets.  The taxman is now actively investigating many people who participated in the GDF: where they are not convinced the original disclosure was correct.  Some of these investigations are on criminal lines.

Disclosed and Worried?
Anyone who submitted a disclosure under the GDF may now be about to receive a tax investigation notice.  If you submitted a disclosure and you are worried that you might be subject to a Tax Investigation, or HMRC have already issued you with a Tax Enquiry Notice then you now need specialist help.  If HMRC have not accepted your disclosure then they have serious concerns - especially if the unit is now investigating you is the Fraud Investigation Service.  A Tax Investigation can be wide-ranging, intrusive and extremely distressing.  Your original adviser does not seem to have successfully addressed HMRC's concerns.  Now is the time to turn to Tax Enquiry Experts.

Didn’t Disclose? Time’s running out!
On the other hand, you may have a bank account, trust, company, or other asset in Guernsey and did not use the GDF. Time is now running out before you receive an inevitable Tax Investigation. If you do not come forward now to make a voluntary "confession" then HMRC may prosecute you. But there are still chances to clear up your tax issues, and get favourable terms: e.g. the dedicated Worldwide Disclosure Facilty for lowest penalties, or the Contractual Disclosure Facility  for guaranteed immunity from prosecution. But there's not long now until the taxman's dreaded brown envelope inevitably arrives.  You need to seek specialist assistance ASAP.

How can Lynam Tax Disclosure Experts help me?
Our Tax Disclosure Specialists have decades of experience of Tax Investigations and Disclosures involving offshore bank accounts and other assets.  We have been acknowledged by HMRC's Fraud Investigation Service unit as one of the UK’s leading specialists in using the Offshore Tax Amnesties. We can assess your particular situation and advise you of the optimum route.  We can manage the entire disclosure process for you, and guide you to a successful result - just as we have done for very many highly satisfied clients.

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