Testimonials 2009 - 2010

We pride ourselves on giving our clients a first class professional service, that is also a personal service.  Your peace of mind is always upmost in our thoughts.  We're really pleased that all our clients have been so impressed with the outcomes we got for them. The quotes below are all taken from actual letters and emails sent by real clients of ours.  So what do real people, like you, say about Lynam Tax Investigation Experts?

Referring accountant: (Local Compliance Tax Investigation/ Leichtenstein Disclosure Facility): “I came to know Paul through our mutual client. I was impressed by his in-depth knowledge on complicated tax areas and proficiency in dealing with tax investigations involving international perspective. Best wishes and thanks for all the help and advice.” Sandip Ray ACCA, Owner, T S Associates, South London, July 19, 2010

Offshore Bank Account Investigation: retired business consultant (Local Compliance Tax Investigation): "Hi Gemma, my father and myself thank you for yours and Paul's help in remedying what was a very stressful situation for my father.   If we have friends with any similar issues we will recommend you (if that's ok) and if we have any future issues with HMRC for the family I know who we will be calling!  Thanks once again - I can 100% confirm dealing with the tax man is not something I would wish to go through again as one never knows what will happen. Luckily you and Paul guided us through this." Mark O'B., Hertfordshire, April 2010

Referring accountant: (Local Compliance Tax Investigation): “We have worked with Paul on behalf of our clients and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him on HMRC enquiries. He has a good technical knowledge and is excellent in negotiations.” July 16, 2010, Nicki Brockhurst FCCA CTA, Managing Director, Brockhurst Davies Ltd

PAYE taxpayer: disputed expenses claims: (Local Compliance Income Tax Enquiry): "I would like to thank you and Gemma for your guidance in amicably and satisfactorily resolving the tax issues, with HMRC, which seemed really grave for me as a PAYE employee, which I first approached you. I am grateful for your patience whilst I collected the relevant details going back to 2003 and for using your knowledge of the tax laws to negotiate a fair and reasonable settlement with the HMRC." Mr Vilas R. Hendon, London May 2010.

Retired couple - (incorrect return of investment income): (Local Compliance Income Tax Enquiry)  "Dear Gemma, Now that the issues between ourselves and HMRC have been resolved we wanted to thank you for all the work you did on our behalf. Although our tax problems were domestic rather than business and probably small-scale compared with others you deal with we appreciated how you treated us with complete seriousness and professionalism.  We really valued: the clarity of your advice, your cautious realism about possible outcomes, the way in which you kept us regularly informed about progress, and your accessibility and willingness to respond to our concerns, however trivial they were.  We are very confident that HMRC's decision not to impose a penalty was largely due to the clarity with which you presented the information to them and your persistence, persuasiveness and command of detail in your letters and phone conversations. It was also lovely and reassuring to have you sort out our finances in such a calm, relaxed and good humoured way.  We really appreciated that."  Mr & Mrs O. retired teaching couple, Nottinghamshire

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Proprietor: (Company tax investigation, local compliance): “Dear Paul,  I wish to thank all of you for the great opportunity we experienced with Lynam Tax services.  Your service was to high standard and was very informative from start to finish.  Lynam Tax always kept me informed on the absolute best course of action throughout the investigation and always worked in my best interest.  I would recommend them to anyone that falls into the situation that I was in.  Many thanks”  Tim L (business man), West Yorkshire. 2010.

Oil industry contractor: UK Residence issue
"Just a short note to express my appreciation for all your efforts in clarifying my non-resident status with regard to my earnings from my current employment overseas.  Apart from your advice which was clear and easy to understand, I appreciate your willingness to quickly respond to any clarifications by e-mail and telephone, even on a FA Cup Saturday afternoon with your team playing – now that really is commitment to your client!  It is comforting to know that I always have such a trustworthy and knowledgeable source to go to whenever such issues arise in the future. Obtaining the correct tax advice is fundamental to my family's financial security, so again thank you."
Mr Paul A, oil industry contractor: Wales and Kazakhstan. May 2010.

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Offshore worker/ offshore bank accounts  Code of Practice 9 tax investigation
"Dear Gemma, I would like to take this opportunity to thank both you and Paul for your work and support throughout this disclosure period. Obviously this has been a stressful period for me and you have both been very responsive and understanding of the personal issues that have complicated my situation. You have performed an exemplary task for me and it has reached a very satisfactory conclusion with HMRC."
Mr W. Falmouth, Devon. March 2010.

Employer compliance check (Local Compliance Income Tax Enquiry)
"Dear Paul, I thought to write and thank you for the considerable success you achieved with the Inland Revenue and our tax problems ...I consider achieving this success was due to your diligence and particular expertise as opposed to using loop holes for, as you will agree, most of the problems had been caused by genuine misunderstanding on our part as opposed to any type of evasion or avoidance." Mr J. R., Director, Balcan Engineering Ltd, Lincolnshire. March 2010.

Prosecution dropped: (Specialist Investigations): "Dear Paul, Thank you for all your efforts on our behalf during the SCI Code of Practice 9 tax investigation. You did a tremendous job in getting the Revenue to agree to drop the prosecution in the first place. Then we were very pleased that you got them to drop their demands down from several million pounds to about £20,000. We knew we could rely on your support and guidance at all times. Our business has flourished since you made this problem go away and we've been able to concentrate again. We would wholeheartedly recommend Lynam Tax to anyone with a Tax enquiry."  Mr A.S East Midlands recycling factory owner. March 2009.

Undisclosed bank accounts and undeclared business takings: (Code of Practice 9 Contractual Disclosure Facility)
"Dear Paul, I am taking the time thanking you and your team for the hard work and time spent to bring the tax investigation to an end...Gemma managed it extremely well, listened and handled it in a very good and professional manner...On a personal note thank you for your honesty". Mr A. Davies, business proprietor, West Midlands

Long running district case referred to Specialist Investigations
"Dear Paul and Gemma, I want to take this opportunity in thanking you both, for the excellent service and support I have received from you over the last few months. I am grateful."  Mrs W, business proprietor, health sector, Birmingham

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Large capital receipt: (Local Compliance Income Tax Enquiry)
"Dear Paul, I am writing to thank you for the efficiency in which Gemma has performed on my behalf. I formed a quick and strong relationship with Gemma in which she communicated very regularly...her attention to detail was very good especially in that I sometimes suffered from mental inabilities. Also I would like to thank you for all your assistance in bringing the investigation to a quick conclusion."  Mr T Sullivan, business proprietor, Birmingham and Spain

Referring solicitor - (case of suspected serious fraud: COP 9 Contractual Disclosure Facility)
"What a splendid lunch... To meet socially is always a good way to finish off a piece of work for a client, for at the very least it means that the job went well! In P's case it was a stunning result for him!"  Mike Thurston (white collar crime specialist), Cartwright King Nottingham Solicitors.

Referring accountant - (offshore trust issue, Specialist Investigations unit, Code of Practice 8)
"I would like to express our appreciation of the work that you and Gemma undertook in respect of the Special Compliance Office Code of Practice 8 investigation for our client. The professional manner in which you took this on, without in any way reflecting that I was out of my depth, was very much appreciated as was the excellent result achieved. I will have no hesitation in recommending you again in the unfortunately highly likely event that such a situation occurs in the future."  Steve Coventry. BA FCCA CTA (Abbots, Harrow, London). March 2009.

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Referring accountant - Dispute over "associated companies" (Local Compliance Company Tax Enquiry) "Great result Paul... you did a fantastic job... Well done + thanks!"  David Rice ACCA (Nottingham), July 2009.

UK export/ importer becoming Non-UK Tax Resident  "Dear Paul, Thank you for all your hard work and commitment in proving to HMRC that I am no longer tax resident in the UK. It is very reassuring to know that our tax adviser is such a specialist and also cares about us. We really appreciated how you stood up to the taxman; who we thought was trying to bully us. And of course you saved us a very large tax bill. I can now make the strategic investments I need to into our UK company without having to worry about any unfair tax bills. I will always recommend anyone having problems with the taxman to talk to you Paul."  Mr Suleman. Leicester/ Sharjar, Hands Industries, United Arab Emirates.

Referring accountant: (Local Compliance Company Tax Enquiry):I've seen Paul get some amazing results for his clients. If you want to put the Taxman in his place, speak to Paul first.” Steve Coates, Proprietor, Coates Franklin, February 12, 2009

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Paul's personal attributes are both warm and convincing, and his manner was relaxed even when things turned complicated. The work done by Gemma was meticulous. I would recommend them ahead of others in the industry.

Mr Ian O’D. Surrey, 08 June 2018.

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