Local Compliance Fraud (COP 9)

Since 6 April 2015 all cases previously worked by HMRC's Local Compliance Fraud units have been transferred to the jurisdiction of  the elite national Specialist Investigations teams.

All of these cases were being dealt with under the taxman's Contractual Disclosure Facility Code of Practice 9: HMRC investigations where we suspect tax Fraud.  COP9 tax investigations are the most serious and worrying of all tax enquiries (apart from criminal prosecutions).  It is used where the tax investigators believes they have strong evidence of tax being underpaid, due to deliberate and serious tax fraud, but have decided not to prosecute - if the target taxpayer admits to all tax irregularities, and tells the taxman all the details by way of a Full Disclosure Report.

Lynam Tax Enquiry Experts have experience of proving to HMRC that a good number of COP 9 cases were investigated for incorrect reasons, and we've had a number of cases closed with no additional money to pay.  However, most Contractual Disclosure Facility (CoP 9) cases are based on solid evidence, and need to be treated seriously.  It is essential you take proper advice from qualified and experienced professionals at the earliest opportunity.  HMRC themselves recommend that recipients of COP 9 should engage a specialist to help them.

How will Lynam Tax Investigation Experts help me?
Lynam Tax Investigation Experts have vast experience of successfully dealing with HMRC Code of Practice 9 cases; relieving their clients’ stress and negotiating optimum outcomes.  We can help you save tax, interest and penalties.  We can help you avoid a criminal investigation.  We can help keep you off the Tax Offenders Register.  We can save you years of stress, worry and disruption.

Nb. If you, or your client, have received an HMRC Code of Practice 9 (Contractual Disclosure Facility) then you need specialist help right now Do not delay.

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We specialise in managing all Tax Enquiry, Tax Disclosures & Tax Disputes with HMRC.

We will help you throughout the Tax Investigation or Disclosure and save you money, so you can concentrate on running your business and enjoying your private life.

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When I received notice from HMRC I engaged Paul and Gemma Lynam to handle the enquiry on my behalf.  I was very anxious but Paul quickly took charge of the situation and handled all of the disclosure on my behalf, achieving an excellent outcome - with a bill much less than I had feared. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone seeking a swift and courteous service.

Mr W. Nottinghamshire, 30 November 2015.

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