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Corporation Tax enquiries and Income Tax Compliance Checks will usually be carried out by HM Revenue & Customs’ Small and Medium Enterprises Compliance Offices.  The tax inspector will issue an Enquiry Notice and HMRC Code of Practice.  If your business gets a Notice of Enquiry or a Compliance Check leaflet you may need specialist help.

Only 3% of Tax Enquiries are “random”.  The rest are selected for a full enquiry because the tax inspector suspects that tax has been understated (i.e. the taxman thinks you are fiddling).  A small number of business Tax Enquiries are opened under the HMRC Code of Practice 9 (HMRC Investigations where we suspect tax fraud) by the elite Fraud Investigation Service.  If your company receives a COP 9 then you should seek expert help immediately.

Business Tax enquiries frequently spin out to include intrusive and in-depth tax investigations not only of the business - but also of the private affairs of the business owners and directors.  The taxman wants to charge additional Tax, NIC, VAT, PAYE, and S445 tax (on overdrawn director’s loan accounts) on any company; and additional income tax and NIC on the proprietors: plus interest and penalties.

A business tax enquiry can be very worrying: distracting you from running your business, and can be very costly; not only in tax, interest and penalties, but also in lost business.  It can put a toll on personal health and relationships.  Running a business is hard enough without having to deal with the taxman too.  Companies, partnerships, and sole traders can face many types of tax inspections:  a Corporation Tax Enquiry, an Income Tax Investigation, a Compliance Check, PAYE audit, VAT inspection, NIC inspection, Employment Status Check..

If you get a Tax Enquiry Notice you, or your accountant, may need specialist help.

How will Lynam Tax Investigation Experts help me?
Lynam Tax Enquiry Specialists have the training, knowledge, skills and over 90 years of deep experience to manage your business Tax Enquiry; to reduce the stress; and get the optimum solution for you and the business.  We will work closely with you, and usually with your accountant as well.

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Lynam Tax Enquiry Experts HELP ME?

We specialise in managing all Tax Enquiry, Tax Disclosures & Tax Disputes with HMRC.

We will help you throughout the Tax Investigation or Disclosure and save you money, so you can concentrate on running your business and enjoying your private life.

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I found the prospect of making a tax disclosure a daunting prospect. I understand how very important it is to have an expert team work on your behalf.  I have no hesitation in recommending Paul and Gemma, and thank them both for their support and high quality of work provided.

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