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The majority of our clients are referred to us by their existing and ongoing accountants.  Solicitors also refer work to us regularly.  Other clients are referred to us by their friends and contacts that we have helped in the past.  Many new clients found us on the internet. We represent businesses and individuals who need help in dealing with a worrying HMRC tax  dispute, Tax Enquiry, and tax disclosure (e.g. with offshore bank accounts).

Who is your Typical client?
We don't have such a thing as a typical client! Our clients, like their tax worries, come in all shapes and sizes.  We've helped basic rate taxpayer widows struggling with enquiries into an inheritance tax return, and we've helped Rich-List investors with complex Capital Gains Tax enquiries.  We've helped one-man band builders, and large group companies. We've assisted clients from all over the world, sometimes with enquiries into their UK tax residence situation; or their non-domicile status; and sometimes because they have assets in the UK.  We have dealt with an enormous number of cases where UK residents hold overseas assets: mainly using the Worldwide Disclosure Facility. We represent people who have committed serious tax fraud, and people who have been accused of such but are entirely innocent: despite the deeply held suspicions of HMRC.  We deal with the smallest and largest tax investigations.  We've successfully represented many clients at the Tax Tribunal. What all of our clients do have in common is that they recognised that their affairs would be sorted out more quickly, and to a much greater advantage, if they used tax investigation specialists.  The other thing they have in common, is that all of our clients have been immensely pleased with the work we have done for them (see our testimonials).

Could I be a Lynam Tax client?
If you have an ongoing Tax Enquiry which is causing you concern then almost certainly we can help you.  Or if you have worries about your historic tax liabilities and would like to sort them out proactively, then we have the experience and expertise to do just that.

We are based in the Midlands but our clients are based all over the UK (50% in London), and indeed the world!  As well as our Midlands premises, we have offices in Mayfair in the heart of London, and in Harrow. We are happy to travel to meet you, or pleased for you to come and see us. 

The best way to find out if we can help you is to simply phone one of our experts now:

Paul Lynam: 07767 274407

Andrew Nutbrown: 0771 877 8710


Lynam Tax Enquiry Experts HELP ME?

We specialise in managing all Tax Enquiry, Tax Disclosures & Tax Disputes with HMRC.

We will help you throughout the Tax Investigation or Disclosure and save you money, so you can concentrate on running your business and enjoying your private life.

For a helpful, sympathetic, confidential and no obligation discussion:

For a helpful, no obligation, wholly confidential discussion:

Call Andrew NOW: 07718 778710

Paul's personal attributes are both warm and convincing, and his manner was relaxed even when things turned complicated. The work done by Gemma was meticulous. I would recommend them ahead of others in the industry.

Mr Ian O’D. Surrey, 08 June 2018.

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