“Incredibly Dishonest” Derbyshire Publican Walks Free

A Derbyshire pub operator found guilty of tax fraud was sentenced this week, and described as “incredibly dishonest… a chancer, a conman and not to be trusted” by the judge – who then gave him a suspended sentence and some community work to do.

William Ludlam, aged 27, ran MI Leisure Limited; operating pubs and restaurants in Derby, Ashbourne, Chesterfield, Burton-on-Trent and Sheffield.  He falsely claimed that his company was incurring costs refurbishing properties, and he also under-stated the business turnover: in order to evade VAT.  When challenged by HM Revenue & Customs tax investigators he created false invoice and fake paperwork.  In 2010 and 2011 he made false VAT repayment claims of £130,287.  He also made similar false claims (of £30,000) for his motor accessories business.

Ludlam was given a 1 year jail sentence, which has been suspended for 18 months; he was debarred from being a company director for 5 years; and has to perform 250 hours of community work.  HMRC have commenced proceedings under the Proceeds of Crime Act in order to confiscate Ludlam’s “criminal profits or assets”.

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