”Ghost” Double-Glazing Salesmen Convicted

One of HMRC’s Tax Taskforces checked on people operating as self-employed commission-based canvassers and salespeople in the double glazing industry. This has led to 2 Bradford based salesman being convicted for tax fraud: for failing to register with HM Revenue and Customs or declare their earnings of over £500,000.

Wesley Roetteis, aged 33, and Ashfaq Hussain, aged 40, had self-employed contracts with Safestyle UK.  They were responsible for their own tax affairs, but did not register as self-employed, and did not pay tax or National Insurance contributions.  Roetteis earned £450,000 from 2007 and 2014; evading paying Income Tax and National Insurance of £128,330.  Hussain earned £121,296 between 2007 and 2012.  In addition to evading the tax and NIC he also fraudulently received Tax Credits of around £37,000.

The Tax Taskforce obtained their details from Safestyle UK and found there was no record for them.  HMRC decided to proceed by way of a criminal tax investigation.  Both were sent letters stating they were under investigation for tax evasion and invited to attend voluntary interviews with HMRC officers.

In court both men pleaded guilty to “being knowingly concerned in the fraudulent evasion of Income Tax”, and Hussain also pleaded guilty to 5 counts of fraudulently obtaining benefits.  Both were sentenced at Leeds Crown Court on 20 May 2015 to 20 months in prison (suspended for 2 years) and ordered to perform 240 hours unpaid work.

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