17 Construction Tax Cheats Convicted

A Loughborough electrician is the last of 17 building workers to be sentenced – as part of an HMRC £643,000 tax fraud investigation into a connected Failure To Notify fiddle.

HM Revenue and Customs tax investigators spotted a trend amongst a group of East Midlands’ tradesmen (including welders, sheet metal workers, and electricians). They all worked on a self-employed basis for a company; getting paid monthly.  But none of the 17 registered with HMRC for Self Assessment.

An HMRC spokesman said: “As self-employed traders in the construction industry, they believed it was easy cash, with little risk of getting caught – but they couldn’t have been more wrong. The sentences passed down should be a warning to anyone thinking about committing tax fraud – it’s a criminal offence and we won’t hesitate to use our full powers to ensure that nobody is beyond the law”.

Aleksander Gebski (aged 55) was the last of the bunch to be sentenced (on 22 August 2016); after pleading guilty to the fraudulent evasion of Income Tax and National Insurance.

The 17 (from Loughborough, Ilkeston, Hinckley, Whitwick, Sileby, and Coalville), received a mixture of immediate jail sentences (up to 27 months), suspended prison terms, community service orders, curfews, and many were charged costs as well.  The taxman has commenced Confiscation Procedures to recover the full amount of the defrauded tax: estimated at around £640,000.

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