32 top tax cheats: jailed, named and shamed

The 32 top tax cheats of 2012 have been sentenced to a combined total of 155 years and 10 months behind bars, HM Revenue & Customs announced today.  And their photographs and other details are now being publicised on Flickr as part of HMRC’s current Tax Evasion Campaign.

Between them they have been sentenced to over 150 years behind bars.  The Exchequer Secretary said: “The Government is committed to closing in on tax evaders. Collectively the 32 criminals have been sentenced to more than 150 years. Most people play by the rules and pay what they owe, but HMRC is cracking down on those who don’t.  We hope that publishing these pictures will help get across that it always makes sense to declare all your income, and tax dodgers are simply storing up trouble for the future.”

A tax evasion campaign has been launched by HMRC as part of the Government’s £917 million investment to tackle tax fraud and tax avoidance from 2011-12. This has been added to with a further £77 million over the next 2years, as announced in the Autumn Statement. HMRC aim to raise an additional £7 billion of tax, interest and penalties, each year by 2014-15.

The tax convicts’ photos can be seen here:

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