Appeals to Tax Tribunals up 14%

Appeals to the tax tribunals are increasing.  Challenges from people claiming to be overtaxed or unfairly punished rose from 4,311 to 4,897 according to Accountancy Age.

The Tax Tribunal is an independent body which adjudicates in disputes with HMRC.  Taking an appeal to the Tax Tribunal can be a highly effective way of resolving disputes with HMRC.  These were cases where taxpayers and the taxman could not reach a negotiated outcome in a tax dispute or Tax Investigation.  As taxpayers win roughly half of all appeals to the Tax Tribunal this means nearly 2,500 got a better result than if they’d given in to the taxman’s demands.

Do I need specialist help with my tax appeal?
The taxman uses specialist ‘Appeals’ teams to lead its cases at Tribunal.  Lynam Tax Dispute Experts have decades of experience in handling contentious tax appeals and can assist taxpayers and their accountants with the process; in order to achieve the optimum results.  If you need help with a difficult tax dispute or a contentious tax appeal call Paul Lynam now for a confidential and no obligation discussion on: 0845 643 9997.