A Reasonable Excuse doesn’t have to be an Exceptional excuse.

Mr Leachman (trading as Whiteley and Leachman) had not filed his P35 end of year return, in the mistaken belief that his accountant would do so. HMRC imposed a penalty for late filing after refusing to accept he had a reasonable excuse.

The Tax Tribunal rejected HMRC’s contention that a reasonable excuse requires
exceptional circumstances.  The Judge said:  “Parliament has used the ordinary English words ‘reasonable excuse’ which are in everyday use and must be given their normal and natural meaning.”

The Tribunal also confirmed that a penalty charged by HMRC was in the nature of a criminal penalty. Consequently, HMRC had the burden of proving the absence of a Reasonable Excuse.

The FTT found that HMRC had failed to discharge that burden and so the taxpayer’s appeal was upheld.

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