Bogus financial adviser and tax fraudster jailed

Colin Pearson (age 47) masqueraded as a financial adviser in Hull, and then fraudulently manipulated his clients’ pension funds to evade paying £1.9 million tax.  He has been sentenced to jail for three years for Cheating the Public Purse.

Pearson provided fake documentation to register two overseas pension schemes. He then completed UK pension transfer forms on behalf of his clients so as to falsely claim that the funds were going abroad, and thereby evading the tax due on the pension withdrawals.   He used false names, addresses, references and signatures to ensure the pension funds were released without suspicion or delay, to bank accounts that he controlled.  He then took a cut (approximately £377,608), of the funds before passing the balance onto the pensioners. In total Pearson persuaded over thirty UK pension holders to make unauthorised transfers of £3.4 million to evade  paying tax of £1.9m; over the period February 2008 to October 2009.

Criminal Prosecutions
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