Cheating Lying Lawyer Jailed

A tax dodging barrister has felt the full force of the law: getting a 3 year prison term for Cheating the Public Revenue; plus 6 months for perjury.

A barrister from Henley-on-Thames, Michael Roberts aged 58, left chambers in 2007 and set up as a self-employed legal professional specialising in insolvency cases and company law.   Within a year he was declared bankrupt, owing the taxman more than £700K tax.  The majority of that debt was never paid.  Despite the bankruptcy he carried on trading – but did not declare his earnings or pay tax, even though he was issuing invoices and charging his clients VAT using an old registration number.  Roberts was arrested in July 2012 and later charged with Common Cheat, as well as perjury, including falsely denying he had traded after his Bankruptcy Order.  He was sentenced at Reading Crown Court on 17 October 2014.

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