Christopher Lunn: Latest Letter from HMRC

HMRC’s Operation Edgewood team have today written to all clients of Christopher Lunn and Company Limited (CLAC) giving an update on the progress of their criminal investigation into the affairs of Denis Christopher Carter Lunn and his accountancy and tax advisory business CLAC.

HMRC Operation Edgewood team leader, Mike Garrahy, wrote:

“Criminal Investigation

On the 15 August 2012 Denis Christopher Carter Lunn was charged with common law offences of cheating Her Majesty the Queen and the Public Revenue. The case has now been referred to the Crown Court for trial.

Legal Challenge
An application for permission to bring Judicial Review proceedings regarding HMRC’s conduct in relation to enquiries into CLAC clients is currently going through the court process. HMRC will robustly defend this challenge and is confident that it is acting in accordance with the law and in furtherance of its statutory duties to protect public revenues”.

What does it mean for me?

Whatever the rights and wrongs of HMRC’s approach, it is quite clear they have serious concerns regarding the tax returns of clients and ex-clients of Christopher Lunn & Co. Furthermore, they fully intend investigating all such clients. It may be that people they have written to do not have any tax irregularities. If this is the case, then a long, expensive and intrusive tax enquiry could be avoided by appointing an experienced tax investigations practitioner to deal with the matter now.  If there are tax irregularities then the best way to avoid the risk of prosecution, costly tax enquiry and very high penalties is also to appoint a professional tax investigation specialist: with a view to making a disclosure.

How can Lynam Tax Enquiry Experts help me?

Lynam Tax investigation specialists have over 67 years full-time experience of dealing with tax enquiries and disclosures. We can use our deep specialist knowledge and intensive experience for your advantage.

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