Coalition Crackdown on Tax Fraud: 500% more prosecutions

The Government plans a fivefold increase in the number of criminal tax prosecutions as part of a £900m crackdown on tax dodgers.
Currently tax prosecutions are pretty rare; as the taxman prefers so called civil investigation settlements.  There were 157 tax prosecutions in 2009.  HMRC’s new target is nearer 800.
The Chief Secretary to the Treasury announced:  “Tax avoidance and evasion are morally indefensible.  We will be ruthless with those who think  paying tax is an optional extra.” He warned  “those who think the taxman will never come knocking” of  “a crackdown on those hiding money offshore, and  a fivefold increase in prosecutions” of tax evaders, and claimed that “by the end of the parliament, this package will bring in an extra £7 billion in tax.”

Are You Worried?
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