Fiddling Car Dealers Convicted

Two businessmen, from Lincoln and Yorkshire, have been jailed in relation to a number of tax frauds totalling more than £360,000.

Mark Creswell aged 52, of Lincoln, and Craig Williamson aged 44, of West Yorkshire jointly ran Lincoln Car Sales Ltd.

HM Revenue and Customs decided to investigate them after discovering their spending was way in excess of their declared incomes. The tax inspectors found that whilst Creswell claimed to earn only £8,000 pa his living costs were about £42,000! Williamson declared income of £14,000, but he was paying more than that just in rent.

They were arrested in October 2014 when HMRC investigators raided their homes. Around £16,500 of cash found in their homes was seized and has been forfeited.

Williamson admitted inventing the company’s VAT figures, and submitting 23 false VAT returns in order to fraudulently reclaim £179,423. He also over-claimed £17,356 in tax credits by under-declaring his income. Creswell’s letting company submitted 25 false VAT returns in order to fraudulently reclaim £148,154. He also failed to declare rental income from five other properties, evading £16,823 Income Tax.

Williamson was jailed for 18 months and Creswell for 12 months at Lincoln Crown Court on 3 October 2018 having pleaded guilty to tax fraud.

HMRC has now begun Confiscation Proceedings under the Proceeds Of Crime Act two to reclaim the ill-gotten tax.

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