FIS Code of Practice 8 Updated for the Cyber Age

HMRC’s Fraud Investigation Service’s Code of Practice 8 has been updated to include reference to information obtained online and from social networking sites.

HM Revenue & Customs’ Fraud Investigation Service (FIS), is the elite investigating wing of the tax authority: dealing with the largest, most complex, and in their view most serious cases of tax fraud and tax avoidance. Code of Practice 8 explains how the FIS carry out their investigations.

A new section, headed “Public statement”, has just been added to COP8.  HMRC state that they may:

“Observe, monitor, record and retain Internet data which is available to anyone. This is known as ‘open source’ material and includes news report Internet sites, Companies House and Land Registry records, blogs and social networking sites where no privacy settings have been applied”.

What does it mean for me?
Not all HMRC Fraud Investigation Service cases produce an extra tax bill.  But proving this to the hard-bitten FIS investigators can be a difficult task.  It’s one that Lynam Tax Enquiry Experts have devoted our professional lives to.  In particular, Andrew Nutbrown (our Senior Consultant) is an ex-FIS Code of Practice 8 Group Leader.

If you, or your client, have received a Fraud Investigation Service Code of Practice 8 (fraud and bespoke avoidance) then you need specialist help now.  Do not delay.

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