Fugitive Luton Landlord Sentenced In Absence

Tax fugitive Mohammed Kasim Farook has been sentenced to 8 years in his absence for tax fraud.

Farook, aged 53, did not declare his £1.9 million rental income (from a tenanted commercial property in Luton) to HMRC for Income tax purposes.  He also wrongly charged VAT on the rental income and pocketed it. The total tax fraud is estimated to be around £1.2 million in VAT and Income Tax evasion. The fiddle was discovered when one of his tenants queried the VAT number supplied.

Farook was arrested on 20 September 2012 and was charged with two counts of cheating the public revenue on 20 February 2013.  He then absconded before the criminal trial began, and was found guilty in his absence.  He was sentenced on both counts for 8 years each: to be run concurrently.  He is now on the run from the law. HMRC say they are “actively pursuing” him.

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