HMRC Penalty Warning for Paper SA Tax Returns

With only one month left until the 31 October deadline for sending the taxman your paper 2011 Self Assessment Tax Return, HMRC is warning about the new penalties for late filing: which come into force for the first time this year.

If you send in a paper (hard copy) Self Assessment Tax Return to HM Revenue & Customs on or after 1 November 2011, you will be charged a £100 penalty:.  You get penalised even if: the tax due is paid on time, and even when there is no tax to pay at all.  Worse still, longer delays mean higher penalties still: as there are additional late-filing penalties after three, six and twelve months.

If you do not send your paper SATR by 31 October, you can still avert a penalty by filing your tax return online instead.  You get an extra three months for electronic filing, as the deadline is 31 January.

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