HMRC Taskforce Targets “Fraudulent VAT Repayments” in Midlands

The latest Tax Taskforce was announced this week, aimed at tackling so-called “fraudulent VAT repayment” claims across the Midlands: with a particular focus on Nottingham, Birmingham, Coventry, Stoke and Wolverhampton – and the aim of netting £7 million in extra tax.

This taskforce is expected to recover nearly £7 million across the Midlands.  Similar “VAT repayment” taskforces have operated across the UK since 2012, and the amount of VAT recovered from this issue alone now stands at over £22 million, according to HMRC.

The Taskforce initiative was launched by HMRC in 2012, as a new “quick win” way to tackle non-tax compliance. Taskforces are specialist teams bringing together various HMRC compliance and enforcement teams, carrying out intensive bursts of tax compliance activity in specific trade sectors and locations across the UK: focussing on areas that the taxmen see as particularly “high risk” in terms of evaded tax.  Different trade sectors and geographical areas are announced from time to time. The taskforces target taxpayers in that business sector or location for a period of 3-9 months; typically focusing on groups of up to 300 taxpayers. The taskforces then move on to other business sectors or areas.

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