Hull Fast Food Tax Fiddle Family Found Guilty

The owners of 2 Hull Sandwich bars have been given prison sentences: after being found guilty of long-running million pound tax frauds.

Amy Louise Baker, aged 27, had been running “Amy’s Sandwich Bar”, since 2006.  In 2012 HM Revenue and Customs tax inspectors realised she had never paid any tax for that business.  They launched a criminal investigation and, whilst searching her business premises, the tax investigators found records belonging to a second business – “John’s Sandwich Bar” – which had been operated by her father John Richard Baker (aged 62) and his partner (Tracey Walmsley – aged 50) since 1995: and which had also never paid any tax.

An HMRC Assistant Director in the Criminal Investigation Unit said “They lived a very comfortable lifestyle, driving performance cars and regularly travelling abroad on holiday”.

All 3 of them pleaded guilty to Cheating the Public Revenue of Income Tax, National Insurance and VAT.  They were sentenced at Hull Crown Court this week.  John Baker was jailed for two years.  But Amy Baker and Tracey Walmsley found out that crime can pay: as both simply got suspended sentences –  Amy 6 months and Tracey 15 months.  Both have to also perform 250 hours unpaid work.

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