Jail for Software Co. Director Tax Fraudster

A Windsor based businesswoman has gone to prison for stealing over £158,000 of her employees’ PAYE Income Tax and National Insurance Contributions and for the evasion of £141,500 VAT.

Valerie Windsor, (aged 54) ran Peterborough-based company: Object Laboratories International Limited; providing commercial software products.  When HM Revenue and Customs tax investigators carried out a background check they discovered that she had already been banned from acting as a company director; and was operating under false names.  Further investigation revealed that the company’s turnover was in excess of the VAT registration limit: but the company had failed to register, and was not collecting or paying over VAT.  Additionally, although she had deducted PAYE and NIC from her employees’ wages she had pocketed it, instead of passing it to HMRC.

Windsor pleaded guilty to being “knowingly concerned in the fraudulent evasion of Income Tax and VAT”; “making or supplying articles for use in a fraud” (i.e. false forms P60); and managing a company when disqualified as a director. She was sentenced to 45 months in prison this week; and was disqualified (again) from acting as a company director for 10 years.

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