Jail for Tax Fiddling Lawyer

A Middlesex-based solicitor specialising in criminal defence has been jailed for 18 months after being found guilty of Common Cheat and 2 counts of Fraudulent Evasion of Income Tax.

Mr Azhar Islam Khan (aged 45) of Pinner, Middlesex, was sole shareholder of City Law Solicitors Limited of Olympic Way, Wembley.  Instead of taking money from the practice by way of lawful dividends (and then declaring them on his tax return), he fraudulently disguised withdrawals by describing them in his accounts as third-party “professional fees”.  He also falsified his tax returns by omitting his rental income from 2 properties – in Blackburn and Preston.  The HMRC tax investigators also found that he had paid for a new kitchen and bathroom for his home from the company bank account, but had recorded them as business expenses.  Overall, he had fiddled HM Revenue and Customs out of over £60,000.

Khan (a defence solicitor) chose not to give any evidence in his own defence.  He was found guilty and this week he was jailed for 18 months, and was suspended from holding company directorships for 4 years.  The taxman has begun proceedings under the Proceeds Of Crime Act to confiscate Khan’s ill-gotten gains.

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