Jail Holiday for Newport Tax Cheats

A father and son business partnership from Newport were both sentenced to three months for their tax evasion; meaning that they’ll actually serve about 6 weeks: the length of the school summer holidays!

Mohammed Sabir (aged 57) and his son Razwan Sabir (aged 30) defrauded HM Revenue and Customs of £65,000 over a 6 year period. The Sabirs were not declaring their earnings from a minimarket business (the Baneswell Express store) for VAT purposes.  And Mohammed Sabir did not declare the rent he received for 3 properties he had purchased between 2001 and 2008. The Assistant Director, Criminal Investigation HMRC, said:  “Sabir built up a portfolio of properties with no obvious means of funding the purchases. In addition he was operating his mini-market business without paying the taxes…”

Mohammed Sabir admitted failing to pay Income Tax and National Insurance totalling £30,645.  Razwan Sabir admitted failing to register the business for VAT and failing to pay £23,666 in VAT. He also admitted failing to pay Income Tax and National Insurance totalling £10,686. They were both sentenced to 13 weeks in prison and 13 weeks on licence at Cardiff Crown Court 1 August 2014.

They will each actually serve approximately one day in prison for every £1,000 they defrauded!

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