Kent engineer nicked for tax fraud

Javad Hamid, (45) an engineer from Chislehurst, Kent got a four year jail sentence for deliberately not paying over £222,000 in VAT and Corporation Tax.

Hamid was the sole director of Rowan Petroleum Services Ltd.  He acted as a consultant in the oil and gas industry.  From September 2006 to March 2010 Rowan Petroleum Services Ltd charged £115,577 in VAT to both UK and overseas businesses: but paid none of it over to HM Revenue & Customs.  When questioned by the tax investigators Hamid produced false invoices purporting to show that the VAT had not been charged.  Also, the company didn’t pay the Corporation Tax due, of £106,874, on its profits.

Hamid was arrested on 26 August 2010.  He pleaded guilty to six offences of fraud under the Fraud Act of 2006.  He was sentenced to four years for each of the six counts to run concurrently.

The Assistant Director of Criminal Investigation for HMRC said: “HMRC is committed to clamping down on tax fraud and the sentence imposed in this case makes clear that the judiciary share this commitment.”

HMRC are currently seeking a Confiscation of assets order.

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