Landlords under seige (again)

The tax man is stepping up the scrutiny of buy to let landlords. Accountancy Age magazine has reported an HMRC statement that it has sent 7,371 so called “intervention letters” to buy-to-let landlords in the last four months.  These letters are usually sent by the Hidden Economy team (the Revenue’s “Ghostbusters”).  An intervention letter basically asks taxpayers to consider if they have returned all of their income and gains.  Usually it means that the taxman is holding strong information  to suggest they are not doing so.

What does this mean for me?
It is a mistake to ignore such letters.  The taxman at this stage is almost certainly looking to recover tax plus interest and penalties.  If the recipient doesn’t co-operate then HMRC may consider criminal prosecution.
The Hidden Economy Teams carry out over 30,000 Tax Investigations and generate about £150 million pounds (tax, interest and penalties) a year from tax evasion. A large number of these are tax investigations of buy to let landlords.

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