Named & Shamed: Deliberate Tax Defaulters: List No. 3

HM Revenue & Customs today published the 3rd list giving details of the Deliberate Tax Defaulters.  There are 15 people on the new list, adding to the 24 previously named and shamed in February and May this year.

Once again, the list seems to mainly consist of small owner managed businesses. The individuals named on the list and the total tax and penalties (but not interest) they had to pay include the following:

  • Daljit and Nirmal Singh Sunner trading as Sunner Wines, West Bromwich (£76K);
  • Andrew Sheldon, e-trader, Middlesbrough (£47K);
  • Patrick McCoy, haulier, Amargh (£63K);
  • Christopher Trow, haulier & roadsweeper, Rotherham (£52K);
  • Dored Reda, takeaway, Glasgow (£51K);
  • Balusundaran Suresan, Sam’s Chicken Shop, Wembley (£102K);
  • John Fawcitt and Andrew Allen, trading as The Duke of Northumberland pub, Erith, (£81K).

HMRC may publish information about a deliberate tax defaulter where it has carried out a tax investigation and the person has been charged penalties for deliberate defaults (i.e. deliberate: errors in tax returns; or failure to comply with tax obligations), where the extra tax due is greater than £25,000.  But the taxman will not publish their information if the person has earned the maximum reduction of the penalties by fully disclosing details of the irregularities.

What does this mean for me?
Anyone who is undergoing a tax investigation or compliance check, or has any tax problems to disclose, is potentially at risk of being named and shamed.  However, where people are properly represented by experienced professionals then it should be extremely exceptional to end up on this list.  A good quality tax investigations specialist will advise their clients in a way that will usually preclude them from being named and shamed in this way.

How can Lynam Tax Investigation Specialists Help Me?

If you are undergoing a tax enquiry, or have any tax irregularities to disclose, then you should consult a specialist.  Lynam Tax Enquiry Experts have a huge amount of experience in dealing with disclosures and tax investigations. We will be able to assist you in obtaining the optimum outcome, including avoiding being named and shamed.

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