Naming and Shaming of Tax Offenders: December 2019

HMRC have published the December 2019 Deliberate Tax Defaulters list. This is the “naughty list” of people who deliberately underdeclared their tax and did not fully co-operate with the taxman during the investigation.

Every 3 months HM Revenue and Customs posts details on its website of people and businesses that were investigated and charged penalties – where the understated tax was greater than £25,000 and the taxpayer did not properly co-operate with HMRC during the Tax Enquiry. Local newspapers usually publish the details and word then spreads in the taxpayer’s neighbourhood and business circles.

The latest “Tax Offenders Register” includes the usual large number of takeaways and restaurants and builders, along with many other businesses, including some professionals. On this list, 24 businesses received penalties in excess of £100,000. An online advertising and publishing company from Liverpool, Data Market Group Ltd, was fined £531,000. Amongst the professionals named and shamed were: Neil Benson (solicitor) from London – fined £114,000; Paul Ensor an investment broker and consultant from Hampstead – fined £122,000; N A Accountants Ltd of Birmingham – fined £293,000; Siu Chung Lee, accountant, of Thamesmead in London – fined £244,000; Dr Bishnu Upadhaya of Bristol – fined £16,000; Michael Cook (architect) of Bristol of Tewin in Hertfordshire – fined £14,000; Dr Nazir Ahmad of Newark – fined £19,400.

What does this mean for me?
Anyone undergoing a Tax Enquiry, or with any tax issues to disclose, risks being named and shamed. Not only is it embarrassing personally and to your family: but it often leads to difficulties in the business (e.g. banks, suppliers, or customers may refuse to deal with you). Experienced Tax Investigations Specialists can help clients prevent HMRC from naming and shaming. Proper representation will also typically bring the Tax Investigation to a faster conclusion, and with much lower penalties.

How can Lynam Tax Enquiry Specialists Help Me?
If you’re undergoing a tax investigation, or have any tax problems to clean up, then you really should consult a specialist. Lynam Tax Investigation Experts have a massive amount of experience in dealing with voluntary disclosures and tax investigations. We will be able to assist you in obtaining the best outcome, including avoiding the public humiliation of naming and shaming.

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