New Government to turn on non-doms?

The FT reported today that the new coalition government intends  “to review the taxation of non-domiciled individuals” – yet again, creating further uncertainty in this already over-complicated area of UK tax.

Potential changes include scrapping the seven year period of grace; which mainly benefits in-bound professionals on short term contracts (e.g. doctors).
The changes in April 2008 shifted the tectonic plates of taxation for non-domiciliaries.  The new rules are mind-bendingly complicated, even for seasoned tax specialists.  Further changes can only lead to more confusion and more potential for non-doms to maket mistakes in their tax returns – posibly leading to a costly and intrusive tax enquiry.

How can Lynam Tax specialists help me?
If you are tax resident but non-domiciled in the UK you may well need specialist help.  Lynam Tax specialise in this particularly complex area of tax law.

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