OAP trousers cash

A 69 year old pensioner who tried to smuggle £60,000 of cash out of the country by hiding it in his underpants, was ordered to payback £380,000.

At a confiscation hearing at Canterbury Crown Court, John Anthony Maurice, a semi-retired property salesman of Barnstaple, north Devon, was ordered to pay back the money by 1 September 2011, after the Court heard he had hidden assets totalling £380,000.

The Judge called Mr Maurice “……an intelligent, sophisticated and practised liar.”

Robert Alder, Assistant Director of Criminal Investigation for HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) said:  “Confiscation proceedings show that our work doesn’t stop once someone is convicted; we then start proceedings to reclaim the profits of their crime. If Maurice doesn’t pay back the £380,000 he’s been ordered to he will have to serve a further four years in jail and will still owe the money”.

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