On line Snitching launched by Big Brother HMRC

The taxman is encouraging people to “grass” suspected tax dodgers using an online “quick and easy” service in addition to the Tax Evasion Hotline (dubbed the snitchline by many Revenue staff). HMRC says it takes all allegations seriously and that since 2005 about £42m has been recovered as a result of informants calling the hotline.

Whilst much information passed to HMRC will contain some elements of truth, or at least be motivated by a “good citizen” attitude, many people remain worried about the 1984 style police state approach and about malicious informants.  Lynam Tax investigation specialists have defended many clients who were wrongly targeted by tax investigators (including using the Civil Investigation of Fraud procedures) following malicious informants (who typically include sacked ex-employees, ex-wives and mistresses and business rivals ).

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