Operation Edgewood ramps up

HMRC are now turning on the pressure in the large-scale investigation known as Operation Edgewood. This involves them investigating every single client of the accountancy firms Christopher Lunn and Co and Christopher Lunn & Co Ltd, and also clients of Denis Christopher Lunn. Collectively HMRC refer to these as ‘CLAC’. The investigation into all of the clients of CLA C is known as Operation Edgewood.

On 29th July the taxman, in the shape of Mick Garrahy from HMRC Leeds, wrote to every client of Christopher Lunn & Co informing them that “the Commissioners for H.M. Revenue and Customs’ have decided that HMRC shall cease to deal with “CLAC” as a tax agent.  CLAC will no longer be dealt with due to its unacceptable practices as a tax agent.”

HMRC are inviting all clients of CLEC to have an independent review of their tax affairs carried out and to make a full disclosure of any irregularities. Many clients of Christopher Lunn & Co have now signed up with the Revenue’s disclosure programme.  All other clients have now been written to by HMRC.  The Operation Edgewood team have stated in those letters: “I will now be checking your Tax Returns and if I identify any irregularities then I will deal with those matters either by criminal or civil procedures open to HMRC depending on the nature of those irregularities”.

What does this mean for me?
HMRC are encouraging anyone with tax irregularities to disclose, to appoint an independent specialist to assist them in making their full disclosure. It is not too late to avoid prosecution. A full disclosure can also substantially reduce the penalties chargeable.

How can Lynam Tax enquiry experts help me?
Lynam Tax investigation specialists have already assisted a number of Christopher Lunn & Co clients in regularising their tax affairs.  We specialise in assisting taxpayers with disclosures to HMRC and have a superb track record of reducing the hassle and the penalties involved and helping clients of the risk of prosecution.

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