Revenue win another round in Tax Residence fight

HMRC has won another key victory in the High Court after judges rejected further claims by international business entrepreneur Robert Gaines-Cooper that he had been wrongly denied non-UK Tax Resident status.

Gaines-Cooper insists he has been resident in the Seychelles for more than 30 years and has scrupulously kept to the taxman’s published guidance in booklet IR20, by spending no more than 91 days-a-year in the UK.  But the judges ruled that the taxman had correctly interpreted the UK’s tax residence law, regardless of  IR20.  They found that England had remained “the centre of gravity of his life and interests.” Judges said he had never cut his ties with Berkshire, where he grew up, or Oxfordshire, where the court held that his house, near Henley, continued to be his “chief residence.”

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