Surrey plumber goes down for tax evasion

Following last year’s disclosure campaign for plumbers (the Plumbers Tax Safe Plan) HMRC have been investigating those who did not come forward to make voluntary disclosures of tax  evasion.  Now, yet another plumber has ben jailed for his tax fraud.

Melvyn Careswell (aged 49) from  Epsom traded as a self employed plumber – through his company MPC Heating and Plumbing.   But he never registered with HM Revenue & Customs.  HMRC Investigators discovered that over a five-year period he had evaded around £50,000 of Income Tax.  He was arrested on 5 August 2011. He was then charged with Fraudulent Evasion of Income Tax ontrary to the Taxes Management Act 1970.  He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 12 months’ imprisonment on 20 July 2012.  The taxman has begun Confiscation proceedings.

Nearly £510 million has been raised by HMRC from voluntary disclosures, and a further £120 million from follow-up activity such as this.  Campaigns launched so far have targeted offshore investments, medical professionals, plumbers, VAT defaulters, coaches and tutors, electricians and online traders.   Most taxpayers who confess during a disclosure campaign are able to take advantage of a simple and straightforward way to put their tax affairs right.  Most get a penalty of only 10 %of the tax they owe.  Once campaign disclosure opportunities close, taxpayers who have not come forward and are then discovered to have unpaid tax liabilities face higher penalties (up to 200% of the tax unpaid) or, potentially, criminal prosecution.

Criminal Prosecutions
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