Tarmac Tax fraudsters Jailed

A £500,000 tax fraudster, who pretended to have dementia in an attempt to delay his trial, and his wife were jailed today; after being prosecuted by HMRC for their part in a half million pound tax evasion case.   They were found guilty of: Cheating the Public Revenue of Income Tax and National Insurance; Failing to Charge VAT to their customers; and Failing to File VAT Returns to HMRC.

On the first day of the trial Lorraine Jones submitted a late ‘guilty’ plea.  She was jailed for 3 years and 6 months.  Samuel Jones was found guilty and was sentenced to 4 years in jail.

Samuel Jones (aka John Pope) aged 53 and his wife Lorraine Jones (aka Lorraine Pope and  Lorraine Isaacs) aged 47, of Bridgwater, Somerset, had failed to declare income  from their tarmac business for 10 years before they were arrested by HM Revenue & Customs  investigators in November 2008.  Subsequently the Jones’ were successfully prosecuted by Trading Standards in 2009 for false representation;  and for their poor standard of work – where they targeted the elderly and vulnerable.

The couple initially denied running a tarmac business;  claiming their wealth was from inheritances and gambling.  During this time they accumulated a £1.6 million portfolio of eleven properties, and invested £1.4 million cash in over 80 bank accounts.  They also purchased 3 Porsche 911s, a Range Rover, and several Mercedes.  The trial Judge said: “This was an exercise in tax evasion, it persisted for a decade, was breath taking and wholly deliberate, deeply dishonest and carefully thought through with one objective to evade tax.”

The tax arrears of £552,952.87 were calculated on business profits of £903,600.00 from April 1998 to April 2008: Income Tax £276,076.63; National Insurance £20,791.24; VAT liability £256,085.00.  A confiscation timetable has been set down by the court to remove the proceeds of their crimes.

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