Tax Cheating Top Doctor Faces Jail For Tax Evasion

A world renowned heart specialist, employed by the NHS, who did not declare any of his private practice income over an 8 year period and evaded £410,000 of tax, has been found guilty of Common Cheat and now faces a jail term.

Professor Raad Mohiaddin, aged 58, of Wimbledon in London, was a consultant radiologist at the Royal Brompton Hospital and a professor of cardiovascular imaging at the National Heart and Lung Institute of Imperial College London.  He is a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians; the Royal College of Radiologists; and the European Society of Cardiology.  For 8 years he falsified his tax returns to evade paying £410,000 tax on his private practice earnings.

In 2010 HMRC let health professionals know that they had obtained large amounts of data relating to earnings in that sector, and gave them the opportunity to come forward and make a voluntary disclosure under the Medics Tax Health Plan: the 1st Voluntary Disclosure Campaign.  Many doctors took the opportunity to confess their tax frauds at that time, and the Campaign raised over £75 million.  Mohiaddin did not take that opportunity, and was subsequently investigated and prosecuted by HMRC.  He was found guilty of Cheating the Public Revenue.  Even though he has now paid all of the tax, he was today was sentenced to 15 months in prison,  (suspended for two years) along with an additional fine of £200,000 – which must be paid within 28 days or he will go to jail for two and a half years.

The Assistant Director, Fraud Investigation Service, HMRC, said: “His career and reputation are now in tatters and he faces losing his ability to practise medicine in the UK”.

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