Tax Dodging Double-glazing Salesman Sentenced

An HMRC Taskforce, looking at people getting commission from double glazing firms, unearthed a Leeds based salesman who hadn’t declared his earnings to HMRC for 6 years: leading to his prosecution, conviction and sentencing at Leeds Crown Court on 24 March.

Adam Barraclough, aged 29 from Morley West Yorkshire, signed a self-employed salesman agreement with Safestyle UK in 2007.  Since then he earned £288,000.  But he never told HM Revenue and Customs about his business: and so for six years he didn’t pay any income tax or National Insurance contributions: leading to a loss to the Exchequer of £73,000.

HMRC had set up a Tax Taskforce to look at people getting commission from double-glazing firms.  HMRC Taskforces are specialist teams carrying out intensive bursts of tax compliance activity in specific trade sectors and locations across the UK.  Then each new target of a task force is publicised.  However, despite the publicity Barraclough still did not step forward to put his affairs in order whilst he had the opportunity.  HMRC obtained Barraclough’s details and checked them against HMRC’s own records: discovering in 2014 that he was a “ghost”.  He was arrested and charged, and subsequently pleading guilty to being “knowingly concerned in the fraudulent evasion of Income Tax.

HMRC’s Assistant Director, Criminal Investigation, said: “HMRC is committed to unearthing individuals who do not pay their taxes, and we will prosecute those who offend.”
On 24 March he was sentenced to 16 months imprisonment (suspended for 2 years); and ordered to perform 240 hours of unpaid work.  So far Barraclough has repaid £26,593.

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