Tax Evading Dog Breeders Targeted

A specialist HMRC Tax Investigation Taskforce targeting dog breeders and importers has raised £5m in extra revenue; and so far led to several arrests, and a criminal conviction.

HM Revenue and Customs created The Dog Breeders Tax Taskforce in October 2015 “after discussions with animal welfare groups suggested tens of thousands of puppies were being reared in unregulated conditions and sold illicitly every year”.

The tax investigators uncovered a huge black-market industry, with puppies being farmed and sold on a mass scale, with huge undeclared profits. So far, the HMRC Taskforce has recovered £5,393,035 in unpaid taxes from 257 separate cases.  The taxman has published examples of some of the fraudsters and their new tax bills, including:

• two unconnected puppy breeders in the west of Scotland who had to pay £425,000 and £337,000;
• puppy breeder and former Crufts judge in the Midlands who had underpaid £185,000;
• Northern Ireland dealer also had to pay £185,000;
• Somerset puppy breeder: £114,000;
• puppy dealer in the east of Scotland: £400,000;
• Swansea puppy breeder: £110,000.

The Dog Breeders Tax Taskforce has also made several arrests: with one conviction so far. Kevin Knox, a kennel owner from Durham, pleaded guilty to Fraudulent Evasion of Tax and VAT last year.

What does this mean for me?
The HMRC Taskforces are staffed by specialists. If you are in a sector targeted by an HMRC Taskforce you may need a specialist on your side.  In any event, if you have any irregularities in your tax affairs you could benefit from our expert help.

How can Lynam Tax Enquiry Experts help me?
The Lynam Tax Enquiry Specialists have tremendous practical skills and experience in successfully supporting clients through thousands of tax investigations and tax enquiries.    We can advise on the most useful course of action and – where appropriate – help manage any disclosures you have to make.  We can get you the most advantageous result possible.

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