Tax fraud lawyer: Banged up twice!

A former solicitor and convicted VAT fraudster from Leek in Staffordshire who failed to fully pay a £410,000 confiscation order was sent back to prison to serve a further two years and three months today.

Paul Morris, (aged 69), was sentenced to 5 years in prison in March 2003 for his part in a £38m ‘missing trader’ VAT fraud.  Morris was given a life time ban from practising law. He was ordered to repay criminal profits of £410,000 in April 2004 or service a further three years in prison, as well as still owing the money.

Morris had only repaid £265,000. With interest, the remaining amount outstanding is £272,796. The debt is still owed and financial investigations continue to identify assets.  Morris was recalled to prison for failing to fully repay the debt.

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