Tax Taskforce Tackles “Hidden wealth”

Every few months the taxman announces his latest “taskforces tackling tax dodgers”.  The first this year are aimed at: people in London, East Anglia and Wales who “who hide their wealth”; restaurants in London and East Anglia; and the construction industry in the Midlands.

Tax Taskforces are specialist teams carrying out intensive spurts of tax audits in specific sectors and geographic locations across the country.  They home in on areas that HM Revenue & Customs feel represent “high risk” in terms of tax evasion. They typically target tax payers in that sector or location for a period of 3 – 9 months.

The “hidden wealth” taskforce is aiming at people with offshore bank accounts;  or  whose lifestyles and assets (including their homes) are beyond their obvious means: suggesting that they have undeclared income.  HMRC claims to have “seen an increased risk of fraudulent activity in hidden wealth” and is hoping that this tax taskforce raises more than £2.4 million.

The taskforce tax investigators have brought in more than £130 million since their 2011/12 debut, and aim to collect more than £90 million from the taskforces being launched in 2014/15.

HMRC’s taskforce boss warned tax evaders that “If you haven’t declared all your income we will find you and investigate. You face a heavy fine and criminal prosecution as well.”

How can Lynam Tax Taskforce Experts help me?
HMRC taskforces are specialists in their field.  If you are contacted by a tax taskforce then you may need specialist help on your side.  Our experts have enormous experience in all aspects of tax investigations.  We can help relieve your worry, and save you tax and penalties,  as well as keeping you out of prison.

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