Tax Amnesty failures lead to 16 new criminal investigations

The taxman has revealed that the two previous offshore tax amnesties:  Offshore Disclosure Facility and New Disclosure Opportunity have yielded £485m – £400m from the ODF and £85m from the NDO – from 50,500 voluntarily disclosures.

The ODF also raised £91m and the NDO £6m through subsequent investigations. There are 3,000 ongoing enquiries, HMRC told tax professionals, and 10 criminal investigations.

The Tax Health Plan, targeted at medics, brought in £10m through 1,500 disclosures.

Since the amnesties ended, the Taxman has begun 500 enquiries and six criminal investigations.

An HMRC spokesman said: “HMRC has now successfully launched two major campaigns to address significant risk areas for HMRC such as offshore tax evasion. Campaigns are focused on changing customer behaviour and bringing more people into compliance in a simple, straightforward way and keeping them there”.

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