Taxman Targets HSBC Swiss bank accounts: COP 9

The taxman has stepped up the attack on offshore tax evasion by sending out hundreds of letters to those suspected of hiding money overseas; alleging serious tax fraud.

HMRC is known to have obtained details of offshore bank accounts held with HSBC Switzerland, by UK residents.  The information has led to a major project by the elite Specialist Investigation section.  Hundreds of cases have been registered under Code of Practice 9 (cases of suspected serious fraud).  Most of the letters we have seen come from the Manchester team, based in Salford.  Recipients are “invited” to attend an Opening Meeting and appoint a specialist adviser to help them make a Full Disclosure Report.  COP9 comes with an immunity from criminal prosecution for those who comply and make a full disclosure.  Partial or inaccurate disclosures can lead to very high penalties and even prosecution.

HM Revenue & Customs said the letters are “part of our drive against offshore tax evasion.”

Worried about an offshore bank account?
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