Tax Disclosure Campaigns

HMRC's Campaigns are short-lived tailored voluntary disclosure opportunities aimed at specific groups of taxpayers.  During the Campaign window targeted taxpayers can make a full disclosure of tax irregularities using a simplified method.

The targeted groups change on a rolling basis.  Each Tax Disclosure Campaign typically lasts around 6-18 months.  Campaigns are a simplified way of making disclosures and paying the under-declared tax. Penalties are charged at a reduced level, and there is a guarantee of non-prosecution as long as a full disclosure is made under the terms of the Campaign. Typically HM Revenue & Customs are only looking back 6 years.  But they can  go back 20 years in cases of deliberate tax fraud.

HMRC choose their target groups then gather information and intelligence that can be used to encourage and influence that group to come forward. Once a campaign closes, HMRC then uses that same information and intelligence to follow up with action that can include criminal investigations, aimed at those who choose not to confess under the campaign terms.

As at at August 2017 the various Tax Disclosure Campaigns have produced a yield of £610 million of tax, interest and penalties, from accepted voluntary disclosures; and a further £395 million from follow up tax investigations. So far there have been over 20,000 completed cases.  Investigations into false disclosures have led to over a dozen criminal convictions for cheating the public revenue as part of the follow up activity.

Current Campaigns
As at 9 September 2017 there are 3 Campaigns currently running:

  • The Card Transaction Programme (for traders who have a merchant acquirer account);
  • Let Property Campaign (for landlords);
  • Worldwide Disclosure Facility (for people with offshore investments, bank accounts, property, trusts, companies etc).

New Campaigns are launched on a rolling basis.  Lynam Tax Disclosure Experts will keep you updated regarding the latest initiatives on their Tax Investigation News page.

How can Lynam Tax experts help me?
If you are in a sector targeted by an HMRC campaign you may need assistance with your disclosure. In any event, if you have any irregularities in your tax affairs you could benefit from our expert help. Lynam Tax Enquiry Experts have enormous experience of tax investigations and tax disclosures.

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