Tax Investigation Units

HMRC have specialised teams to deal with different types of tax enquiries (e.g. cases of suspected tax fraud) and different classes of taxpayers (e.g. owner managed business).  

They also have special teams to handle specific tax investigation projects (e.g. offshore bank accounts are mainly handled by Fraud Investigation Service Offshore Co-ordination Unit).  Most Compliance Checks (aka Tax enquiries) into Small and Medium size Enterprises (e.g. family owned businesses) are dealt with by Local Compliance SME.
The main units are listed below and left.  Click the links to be taken to more information on the specialised tax investigation units.

Your Own Tax Investigation Specialist
Lynam Tax Enquiry Specialists are experts in handling all tax disputes with, and tax investigations by, the taxman.  We have the specialised training; deep expert knowledge; and skills developed over 90 years' of full time experience, to manage your Tax Enquiry, or to help you make a tax disclosure to HMRC.  We can help reduce the stress and get the optimum solution for you and your business. 

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We specialise in managing all Tax Enquiry, Tax Disclosures & Tax Disputes with HMRC.

We will help you throughout the Tax Investigation or Disclosure and save you money, so you can concentrate on running your business and enjoying your private life.

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Dear Paul, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for helping us with regards to the tax rebate from the HMRC. We were really quite concerned about our overseas tax status and it was important to feel we were in safe hands. Thanks.

Mr & Mrs D. Portugal, 07 August 2016.

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