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We are very appreciative of the many satisfied clients who took time to write to us - expressing their appreciation of the help we gave them.  All of these testimonials are real comments from genuine clients of ours.  The types of issues range from offshore disclosures, through serious tax fraud investigations, to dealing with single issues in compliance enquiries.  The common factor is that our specialists gave them excellent service; produced great results; and made the clients happy.  This is what people like you have been saying about the Lynam Tax Enquiry Experts recently:

Accountant referral: Code of Practice 9: "A big case, both in terms of amounts and years.  Paul prioritised the important stuff and efficiently negotiated an agreement with HMRC that could’ve been so much worse without him". Steve Coates ACA CTA ICPA, Leicestershire, 6 October 2023

Accountant referrall: "Paul has so far helped two of my clients, one with an IR35 status assessment and the other handling a Contractual Disclosure Facility process. On both occasions, Paul demonstrated thorough expertise, very clear communications and guidance, all delivered in a timely and efficient manner. Personally, I am especially grateful for his generosity in sharing his knowledge with me". Dorota Haden FCA ACMA, Weymouth, 6 October 2023

Worldwide Disclosure Facility: "Many thanks Gemma for the good news and all your valuable help, including Paul’s and Sue’s.  Wasn’t under the most pleasant of circumstances for me but it’s been a pleasure to be guided by you". Altan K., London, 4 October 2023

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Enquiry into offshore funds and UK property:  "I needed someone with deep experience and technical knowledge to help with a very specific tax issue. I also needed someone  who could speak to me about it in plain English! Paul Lynam delivered on both fronts. I can’t fault his expertise and professionalism. Thoroughly recommend".  Steve B, East Sussex, 20 September 2023

UK Resident and Foreign Property issues: "Just wanted to say a big thank you for your advice and excellent service". John B., Hertfordshire,14 August 2023

Voluntary Disclosure: Trading Income: “When I first approached Lynam Tax, I was honestly feeling overwhelmed and stressed. The whole tax situation had me in knots and I couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel. The thought of dealing with the issue was simply daunting.  I can't put into words just how thrilled I am with the outcome that Lynam Tax achieved for me. They took a situation that felt like an unsolvable puzzle and turned it into a clear and manageable task. The resolution was far better than I ever anticipated, and it has given me peace of mind that I hadn't felt in a long time.  Without a shadow of a doubt, I would recommend Lynam Tax to any close friend who needs help dealing with the taxman. Their professionalism, expertise and understanding approach made a potentially stressful process far easier to handle. I trust them implicitly and know that anyone I recommend will be in very good hands.” Mark T., Haywards Heath, 14 July 2023

Voluntary Contractual Disclosure Facility: Undeclared Director's Loan Account: "When I first made contact with Paul I was at a low point in both my personal and professional life. Paul's expertise at that time was invaluable. His ability to deal with the complexities of HMRC is outstanding, and he is able to deal with tax inspectors as equals , and not get bullied by them. My case was complex and Paul's knowledge was invaluable and totally beyond my capabilities. I was pleased with the final outcome  knowing that it was fully resolved and I could sleep easy once more."  Mike K., Dorset, 31 May 2023

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Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) investigation: "I’d like to say a big thank you to Paul for the all the assistance from start to finish. It’s obviously been a difficult period for us both as a Business and personally, but with Paul’s assistance its helped us through and ensured with can move the Business from strength to strength.  Warmest regards". Russell, company director, W Midlands, 2 November 2022

Voluntary Contractual Disclosure Facility: Undeclared Cryptocurrency business receipts: "Hi Guys, I just wanted to send a quick email to say thanks for all your help during this process. Its been the most stressful 18 months of my life and your advice and reassurance along the way has kept me from losing my mind!  Aside from the professional advice and service you have both been very easy to talk to and have made the whole journey much more pleasant than it might have been.  Its been nice getting to know you both a little bit but from now on i am going to do things 100% by the book so will hopefully not need your services again!  I am sure we will have to speak again at some point but i will say goodbye for now and wish you all the best. We might even bump into you in Croyde one day!  Cheers." James, Somerset, 24 August 2022

Nudge Letter, Offshore Tax: Worldwide Disclosure Facility: "I was extremely stressed after receiving a letter from HMRC regarding a WWD.  Especially after two failed attempts with other accountants to help sort this out.  I found Lynam Tax online and after speaking to Paul felt immediately assured they would be able to help.  Gemma is extremely efficient and patient. I would definitely recommend Lynam Tax to anyone needing tax problems to be resolved. Thank you again".  Lorraine Lawson, Buckinghamshire, 30 July 2022

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Initial consuItation: cryptocurrency.  "I found Paul’s details on line last evening when I had queries about Coinbase and tax. He was amazing and patient and explained what the liability might be both in the UK and USA - this was done pro bono - He spoke with me for 28 minutes even though his company would not benefit from me. I am so great-full for his help and support - it is very much appreciated!!!  I would recommend Paul and his company - I would gladly use their service if I needed to have a tax adviser".  David G., Scotland, 20 July 2022

Offshore Tax Nudge Letter: Worldwide Disclosure Facility: When I received a letter from HMRC about an investigation I was very apprehensive. I spoke to at least 5 specialist firms before choosing Lynam. Lynam Tax was by far the most honest and professional firm I found. If you want work done properly with no further issues down the line, you need Lynam Tax Accounts.  Regards”.  Adrian, Harrow, 13 January 2022

Offshore Income Disclosure: “Gemma & Paul, Many thanks for your support in resolving this matter.  I must say it is an exceptionally unpleasant experience getting such a letter from HMRC.  Your professionalism, detailed and structured approach made this process of getting to a successful conclusion as pleasant as it could be!  Thanks again!"   Duncan, Woking, 6 January 2022

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Non-UK Assets: Offshore Disclosure: "I’d neglected my tax affairs for too long and felt that I could use some help and representation rather than deal with HMRC on my own after they contacted me. When I spoke to Paul he was reassuring and gave me confidence that he had the expertise and experience I was looking for. He and Gemma were clear and professional throughout, dealt with everything in a timely manner and generally gave me the assurance that my case was in good hands. Indeed, along the way HMRC made errors which would have been costly for me if Lynam Tax had not been working on my behalf. I was very pleased with the way they handled the process and the settlement they achieved, and would have no hesitation in recommending them". Mr S, Camden, London, 22 November 2021

Foreign Assets and Income Disclosure: Worldwide Disclosure Facility: "We recently found ourselves in a very stressful situation where we needed to contact HMRC regarding a undeclared offshore asset. We decided to call Lynam Tax for some initial advice about the process of completing a World Wide Disclosure (WWD). This was a complex tax matter going back many years but Paul immediately put our minds at rest with his knowledge on this subject. We decided to employ Lynam Tax to complete and submit our WWD - which HMRC accepted without any problems. I can honestly say Gemma & Paul throughout the process were very professional and courteous and we were extremely pleased and relieved with the outcome.  We would highly recommend anyone to contact Paul at Lynam Tax if they have any tax concerns with HMRC". Mr K & Ms S, Liverpool, 19 October 2021

Offshore Tax Nudge Letter: Worldwide Disclosure Facility: "Hi Gemma, We are very pleased with getting this closure. Thank you for all your help and support on this, it is really appreciated."  Mr & Mrs H, S.E. London, 5 October 2021

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Offshore Tax Nudge Letter Enquiry: "I was in shock and didn’t know what to do when I received the HMRC nudge letter about offshore assets. It was a Saturday morning and don’t know where to start. I looked on the internet and sent emails to several companies. I was in a complete state. My email was acknowledged Sunday morning and was contacted Monday morning where the whole process was explained. No other tax agent was able to give me such a good summary of the offshore disclosure procedure. I had a concern on New Years Eve and they even phoned me that evening!!! They always contacted me promptly about any worries I had. The disclosure was resolved the outcome was no way near as bad as I expected. I would recommend Lynam’s tax to a family member or close friend without hesitation. I can’t speak highly enough about them and from the moment I spoke with them they were clearly the best and only choice of tax agents.  My big thing I was so impressed with how both Paul and Gemma promptly replied anytime and their clarity of communication was superb". Steve O., London, 1 September 2021

Solicitor referral: complex COP8 disclosure: "A complex employee fraud was identified in the course of a company liquidation.  We turned to Paul at Lynam Tax to handle our voluntary disclosure to HMRC's Fraud Investigation Service.  Paul's in-depth knowledge and guidance helped us to achieve a positive outcome in a short period of time".  Julian Palmer, Solicitor, London, 20 August 2021

Offshore Tax Nudge Letter Enquiry: "From the outset Gemma and Paul put us at ease. With their professionalism and obvious knowledge of the workings of HMRC they were able to submit my complex voluntary tax disclosure which was accepted with no problems.  The outcome cost us a lot less than we were imagining at the time we received the nudge letter from the WWD facility. This process started with my wife and I being extremely stressed.  You got us through this - for which we are very greatfull. We would recommend Lynam Tax to anyone needing tax problems resolving. Thank you again."  Mr & Mrs A., Sheffield, 26 July 2021

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Foreign Income Disclosure: "Dear Andrew, I’m very pleased to learn that the HMRC enquiry on my tax returns are finally concluded.  The outcome is extremely good and much better than I expected. Please accept my heartfelt appreciation for doing an outstanding consultancy job! I knew I had to look for the best consultant. I was very lucky that Lynam Tax stood out among all the other consultants I approached. You are the best and most experienced tax consultant, highly professional and efficient, knowing exactly what you are doing and what the HMRC is thinking.” Mr N Li, London, 22 May 2021.

Offshore Disclosure: "Gemma and Paul have really helped us with what was a difficult and stressful process. Their calm professionalism very quickly put us at ease and re-assured us that we were dealing with people knowledgeable about the complexities of tax processes.  Their work resulted in a very satisfactory outcome and we would be very happy to recommend them. Once again thank you for your help. Best Regards".  Mr & Mrs C.T., Upper Sydenham, London, 28 April 2021

Worldwide Disclosure Facility: "Gemma and Paul handled my case with a high degree of professionalism. Their experience and expertise in dealing with the taxman was evident from day one, and ensured my case was resolved with precision. The returns were accepted by HMRC without any issues. I am really glad I engaged them to deal with my case, and would highly recommend their services." Mr D., London, 25 March 2021

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Both Paul and Gemma were so knowledgable and very professional but so very considerate and helpful to me. They really put my mind at rest and sorted out my tax affairs so quickly. I totally recommend them: 100%!" Mr Bhatt, Colindale, London

Mr Bhatt, 05 February 2018.

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