PAYE Audits & Tax Inspections

A PAYE audit is a tax investigation by HMRC to check that employers are meeting their legal obligations relating to PAYE, Benefits in Kind, National Insurance Contributions, payments and loans to directors.  PAYE Audits & Tax Inspections can be a substantial burden on employers and very costly in tax, interest, penalties or a global PSA (PAYE Settlement Agreement).

Areas examined usually include: payments to casuals, round sum allowances paid, incentive schemes, operation of PAYE/ NIC, Benefits in Kind, Status (i.e. the categorisation of workers as employed or self-employed), IR35, expenses payments (including travel, subsistence and client entertainment payments), use of cars and vans, provision of private fuel, loans, assets used by directors, late or incorrect end of year returns (e.g. P11Ds, P14s).

If you, or your client, are subject to a PAYE inspection Lynam Tax partners can bring their 35 years’ experience of dealing with these issues to help you, and get the optimum result for the business.  The issues can be technically varied and complex, with case law constantly evolving.  Specialist help and expertise can save large sums.

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