Leicester takeaway owner goes to jail

The owner of the Braunstone-based Superfry takeaway shop was been jailed for 28 months last week – after pleading guilty to the Fraudulent Evasion of Income Tax and also VAT Fraud.

Between 2007 and 2014 Ozcan Donmez, aged 33, of Wilnicott Road, Braunstone, Leicestershire stole £165,000 in tax: by under-declaring his cash takings and drawings.  He also did not declare the rent on 2 properties.

HMRC also obtained a Proceeds Of Crime Act Confiscation Order, to recover the £165,000. If Donmez doesn’t pay back the full proceeds of his tax crime within 3 months he will serve an additional 30 months in prison: and the tax debt would still be collectable.

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